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This User agreement regulates the relationship between ООО «First Business Space Search» («CREBA») and the Internet user (“User”) arising from the use of the Internet resource (site): “”.

Full and unconditional acceptance of this CREBA offer to the User to conclude a contract is the user’s performance of actions aimed at using the site, including searching and viewing ads, sending messages via the contact form, chatting and other actions to use the site’s functionality. The user agreement may be changed by CREBA at any time without any special notice to the User. It is the User’s responsibility to regularly review the current version of the User agreement.

BASIC CONCEPTS: CREBA – limited liability Company “First Business Space Searsh”, ОГРН 1167746607621, ИНН 7726380789. Site – Internet resources that are a set of information and intellectual property objects contained in the information system (including computer programs, databases, graphical interface design, etc.), access to which is provided from various user devices connected to the Internet, through special software for viewing web pages (browser) at the appropriate addresses specified in this User agreement (including domains of the following levels related to these addresses). User-a user of Internet resources, including the Site. User agreement — this agreement and other rules and documents governing the operation of the Site. Services — functionality, services, services, and tools available to Users, Customers, and Owners on the sites. Ad — an informational message with an offer to rent/sell/buy an Object (including contact information, photos and any related information), posted on the site, addressed to an indefinite circle of people. Client — a User who views the posted ad and then interacts with the Owner / Consultant / Customer / Person who represents the owner’s interests in relation to the Object and enters into a transaction with the Owner. Credentials — a unique username (email address) specified by the User during interaction on the Site, or assigned automatically by CREBA. Information — any materials and information provided by the CREBA User in connection with the use of the Site.

GENERALITIES: Access to the Site services CREBA offers the User, under the terms of this User agreement, to use the Services available on the sites, including searching and viewing Ads and other Services offered on the Site. CREBA has the right at any time to review or change the terms of Service, Supplement, modify, restrict, expand the functionality of the Site and/or Services, including the terms of User access to the Services or individual functionality of the Site. The provision of individual Services may be governed by special rules and / or agreements that are an integral part of this User agreement, individual agreements drawn up in writing and signed by CREBA and the User. If there is a conflict or discrepancy between the text of this User agreement and the special rules and/or agreements, the latter shall apply. CREBA sites are a platform intended for posting information about real estate objects served by the customer, their features, technical data, as well as premises intended for sale or for short-term or long-term lease. Information posted on the website addressed to an indefinite circle of persons to make a deal with the Owner of the object in relation to the Object which the holder is entitled to dispose of (to carry out transactions of this type), and Customers to take at their discretion and under its responsibility, proposals posted on the Website, by entering into the relevant transaction with the Owner. Regardless of the nature of the User’s actions, using the Site, including viewing information posted on the Site, means that the User agrees to this User agreement and undertakes to follow the instructions for using the Services, as well as responsibility for actions related to the use of the Site. By accessing the Site and thus entering into this User agreement, the User guarantees that they have all the rights and authority necessary to enter into and execute the User agreement. CREBA has the right at any time to require the User to provide information and documents confirming the rights and authority as specified above.

PRIVACY AND INFORMATION PROTECTION: When using the Site, the User undertakes to provide only reliable Information and is responsible for the information provided by them. The user undertakes to update the Information in a timely manner. CREBA has the right to request, and the User must provide or refuse to provide, such documents and information upon such request. If the User refuses to provide information, CREBA has the right to refuse to consult the User. In the process of use the User shall voluntarily accept the decision on granting CREBA and the facility Owner, and its representative, the personal and other information about the User (surname, name, patronymic or pseudonym of the User, email address, mobile phone number and any other information provided by the User, information about User actions on the Website, etc.) for the purpose of execution of this agreement. All information (regardless of whether such information is related to personal or other data subject to protection under the legislation of the Russian Federation, or not) provided by the User during the use of the site and interaction with the consultant is indicated by him for the implementation of his property rights and/or in other interests of the User (the person represented by him) and, accordingly, the User reports information about himself solely in his own interests, in particular, to facilitate communication with the Owner of the building (premises) or its consultant. CREBA is not obligated to perform preliminary verification of any type of Information specified by the User. CREBA has the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse service to the User for reasons provided for in this User agreement or for other reasons at ITS sole discretion. The User’s personal data is processed in accordance with the Federal Law “on personal data” No. 152-FZ. By submitting your personal data to CREBA, the User agrees to their processing by CREBA and its affiliates / customers, including for the purpose of promoting CREBA Objects, clarifying User information, organizing meetings/calls between the Owner / Consultant and the Client, providing consulting support to Users in connection with the use of the Site, delivering messages to Users, obtaining statistical and analytical data to improve the functioning of CREBA, expanding the range of services provided, receiving information and / or advertising messages from CREBA or third parties, preventing or suppressing illegal and / or unauthorized actions of Users or third parties, ensuring compliance with the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Personal data processing is understood as any action( operation) or set of actions (operations) performed with or without the use of automation tools with personal data, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change) extraction, use, transfer (including transfer to third parties, not excluding cross-border transfer, if the need for it arose during the performance of obligations), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data. CREBA has the right to send informational messages, including advertising messages, to the User’s e-mail and mobile phone with their consent, expressed by performing actions that uniquely identify this User and allow us to reliably establish their will to receive the message. The user may opt out of receiving promotional and other information without explanation by informing the CREBA on any User-accessible method of communication.

USE of “COOKIES” TECHNOLOGY: CREBA has the right to use “cookies”technology. Cookies do not contain confidential information. The user hereby consents to the collection, analysis and use of cookies, including by third parties, for the purpose of generating statistics and optimizing advertising messages. CREBA receives information about the ip address of the site User. This information is not used to identify the user. CREBA has the right to record telephone conversations with the User. At the same time, in accordance with paragraph 4 of article 16 of the Federal law “on information, information technologies and information protection”, CREBA takes all possible measures to prevent unauthorized access to information obtained during telephone conversations and/or transfer it to third parties who are not the Owner or Consultant – Customer of CREBA services.

EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS: the Owner of the exclusive rights to the Site including, but not limited to, the domain name, materials posted on the Site, technical developments that allow the use of the Site is CREBA, unless otherwise specified on the Site. The user or other person may not use the Site in ways not provided for by this User agreement, including extracting Information in any form not provided for by the User agreement. The exclusive rights to the results of intellectual activity included in the Information provided by Users belong to the respective Users and copyright holders.

Agreement and LIABILITY: This User agreement comes into force from the moment the User actually starts using the Site, regardless of the User’s activity and time spent on the Site, and is valid indefinitely. Based on the results of information consumption, the User proceeds to further actions in relation to the real estate Object, the result of which is the implementation of a transaction with the owner of the Object. CREBA is not responsible for the performance by the Owner / Customer / Consultant / Client of any obligations stipulated in any agreements negotiated and signed between the named parties. If the User has claims against another Party in connection with the latter’s use of the Site and the information posted on it, the User is obliged to submit these claims to the appropriate person and resolve the claims independently and without the participation of CREBA.

ADDITIONAL TERMS: CREBA may assign or otherwise transfer its rights and obligations arising from the operation of the Site. The court’s invalidation of any provision of this User agreement does not invalidate the remaining provisions. When resolving all disputes under this User agreement, the current legislation of the Russian Federation shall apply.