Social responsibility

Social policy of the group of companies

VEIS logistics is one of the links of international trade, and we understand that we are responsible for the results of our work not only to our Clients and Partners, but also to our Employees.
VEIS logistics is a company where working and leisure conditions motivate employees to achieve the highest results in their work. We are interested in continuous professional and career growth of our employees, so we have implemented a system of regular, planned improvement of the knowledge and skills required for personal and career growth.

In addition to stimulating the growth of professional qualities of our employees, the company encourages active recreation of its employees, welcomes and supports sports, organizes collective visits to cultural and sporting events. VEIS logistics strives to be the guarantor of a stable and reliable ” now “and a promising, prosperous” tomorrow ” for its employees and their families.

We understand that we must not only provide high quality services, but also be responsible for the impact of our activities on the environment and society.

Therefore, our company strives to follow the following standards in its activities:

  • Provide professional and high-quality services to bring maximum benefit to our Clients and Society

  • Take responsibility for the consumption of natural resources consumed by the company

  • Ensure timely and safe disposal of company waste

  • Carefully select Partners that comply with environmental regulations and standards

  • Be useful to Society and strive to contribute to its development