2016: Foundation and start of business

In 2016, VEIS Sp. z o.o.was founded in Błonie (Poland). The company was headed by highly qualified specialists in the field of warehouse logistics from the very beginning, it did not take long to develop a customer base and gain a reputation. Almost from the moment of opening, the company’s warehouse was in demand by 70%, and soon the warehouse was filled to 100%.

The company is firmly established in the European market, providing services for warehouse processing, storage of goods, packaging, labeling, as well as forwarding services on intra-European routes.

2016-2018: Improving service standards

From 2016 to 2018, lines for the delivery and consolidation of combined cargo from all over Europe, Scandinavia and the countries of the Balkan Peninsula are being developed and implemented.

2019-2020: Formation of a team of professionals and opening of VEIS logistics LLC»

The constant movement forward, continuous development and the desire to open new horizons, as well as the high demand for the transportation of combined cargo from Europe to Russia and the CIS, served as an initiative for the formation of VEIS logistics LLC in Russia. Now, having ready-made transport solutions, a wide Agency network and a developed geography of consolidation warehouses in Europe, allows VEIS logistics LLC to provide a high-quality service for cargo delivery to the markets of Russia and the CIS.